Testing the Car Battery with a Voltmeter

To test your car battery, in addition to the voltmeter you will need a pair of work gloves and safety glasses.

Before you can use the voltmeter, the car engine, as well as lights, will need to be off.

The voltmeter is a breeze to operate, it only has one red and black cable.

The red cable is going to be placed on the positive side of the car battery, or one marked with a plus sign. The black cable goes on the negative side of the battery, or one marked with minus sign.

The voltmeter will show 12.4 if the battery still has plenty of cranking power. Under 12.2 means you will need to get the car battery replaced so you are not stranded and in need of a jump-start to get back on your way.

If the battery is failing, now's the time to get to Audi Lubbock for a complete charging system check-up.

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