Experience All Wheel Drive with Audi

Quattro® continues to impress

When Audi first introduced quattro® in 1980, even they were skeptical about its success. Now over 30 years later, it’s clear that quattro® has changed the way we view driving.

Quattro® started out as a way to revitalize the Audi brand. Audi needed something that would change the game, and establish them as a true competitor. Quattro® was their solution. After a few years of development, the quattro® system found itself at home on dirt and paved racetracks alike. In fact, when the Audi Quattro arrived at the World Rally Championship, it changed the rally world forever. Simply put, permanent all wheel drive cars didn’t exist before Audi put them in production.

Today, you can still get behind the wheel of an Audi with quattro®. And in 2018, one size does not fit all. Audi has tailored the quattro® system to fit the vehicle it’s on. Because Audi understands, you don’t expect the same performance from an SUV as you do a super-car. But really, the only way for us to explain quattro®, is to let you get behind the wheel of an Audi and feel it for yourself.

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