Lease a Vehicle near Lubbock, TX

Lease a Vehicle

Getting in the driver's seat has never been easier thanks to financing. At Audi Lubbock, we understand not everyone is aware of how the process works, which is why we've written a tight overview of what's it like to lease a vehicle. We encourage our friends and neighbors in Lubbock, Midland, and Amarillo, TX, to read on and learn more.

Why Lease?

When you decide to engage in a lease, you're making the decision to enjoy the newest models without the lifetime responsibility of ownership. That means you'll also be able to move from lease to lease, given their short life spans, allowing you to experience the newest models with technological and hardware upgrades.

With a lease, you'll simply pay for the vehicle's depreciation, along with applicable taxes and fees, instead of the full purchase price. So, you could find yourself behind the wheel of a premium vehicle at a much lower cost than if you'd financed with a similar term. As there are a variety of lease options to begin with, you're able to choose the terms and mileage that best fits your lifestyle and payment needs. We'll look at this more in depth in the next section.

Lease Options

Our lease options come in serval different varieties that allow you to choose the best one for your driving needs and sensibilities. Whatever you choose as your base mileage option, you'll also retain the ability to purchase additional miles later. This is helpful if you've already used a significant chunk of those miles but still have time remaining before the end of your lease. To help keep things clear, we've included the following chart:

Base annual mileage options

Purchase additional miles (optional)


Lease Inception

Lease Mid-Point

Lease End


$0.15 per mile

$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile



$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile


$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile

There are a few additional notes about this chart and the process of buying extra miles. The cost per additional mile varies by model. As such, higher mileage options might increase your monthly payment. Plus, any additional miles purchased will not be refunded.

Ending a Lease

Ending a lease is a simple affair. You have the option to return your leased vehicle to the dealer holding the lease, purchase it at a predetermined price, buy it outright, or lease a new Audi vehicle.  At time of your lease return, you're responsible for excess wear and use along with the following:

  • Any remaining payments
  • Any charges specified in your lease agreement that are unpaid
  • Excess mileage charges
  • Any state fees
  • Disposition fee (if you don't lease or purchase a new or certified pre-owned Audi through AFS within 90 days)

Once you've completed your responsibilities by paying for fees or services, you're then free to choose one of the options listed above.

Test Drive Today!

Now that our friends and neighbors in Lubbock, Midland, and Amarillo, Texas, have a better idea of how to lease a car, it's time to act. Before you enter into a lease, schedule your test drive with us at Audi Lubbock!

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